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Review 4

I felt I really must write and thank you, and all your staff, who have so professionally looked after me and my property for the last seventeen years. ……was purchased as an investment, as I have always lived in tied accommodation on farming estate in Somerset, Yorkshire and finally Aberdeenshire. I visited the property only once prior to deciding to purchase it, a tenant was found and duly moved in shortly after the completion of the house.

Since then there have been a few changes of tenant, a flooded kitchen and other problems, but you have handled it all for me, making my life as a Landlord relatively stress free. Thank you for everything.

Review 3

Thank you so much for the excellent copy of the Minutes recently received. They are so clear and comprehensive and efficient and I find it hard to express how fortunate we are to have you with us. I really appreciate how hard you work on our behalf and the wonderful feeling I have of everything being under control. I think you are amazing!

Review 2

Dear Dream Team, I would like to thank you so much for all the great efforts you do to make us happy. Your work is indeed much appreciated.

Review 1

We wanted to write a ‘proper’ thank you to say how much we have appreciated all that you have done for us during the nearly two and three quarters years you have managed the rental of our property.

Your thorough, reliable and professional services have meant that we have had every confidence that our property was in ‘safe hands’ which has been particularly important to us when we were potentially ‘unreachable’ in a remote part of Asia for considerable periods of time!

From the start, we were impressed by your friendly and knowledgeable approach and for all the helpful and practical advice you gave us, as ‘rookie’ landlords! In particular, of course, we are thrilled that you have found us such lovely tenants in record time (1) and that the tenancy has been trouble-free throughout, culminating in a perfect outcome….!

…and the toast is ‘Team GSL, Mere: you are all stars’!!